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Stephen marsh






Next Meeting: 14th March 2017

Guest speaker: Stephen Marsh (BDMLR)

Topic: Putting something back!

British Divers Marine Life Rescue is the largest marine animal rescue charity in Europe, with over 3,500 volunteers, and the only such charity covering England, Scotland and Wales.

Stephen Marsh, the charity's Operations Manager, will recount stories of just some of the enthralling whale, dolphin and seal rescues that their volunteers have undertaken over the last couple of years.

He will also talk about the ecology of some of the marine mammals found around the UK and other work that BDMLR is involved in behind the scenes.

Stephen has rercently become a Committee Member and Rescue and Care Coordinator for Dolphinaria-Free Europe which is striving to close Europe's dolphinaria and release those animals that can be released back to the wild, while helping create sanctuaries for those that cannot.

In July 2010 Stephen was asked to take up the position of Operations Manager for British Divers Marine Life Rescue. He had been a volunteer medic and trainer for BDMLR for many years before taking up the post. With a volunteer base numbering thousands, and staff numbering just two, he has kept the charity moving forward specialising in the rescue of marine mammals in distress on the beaches around the UK.

Prior to his work with BDMLR, Stephen had been a major force with ORCA, runing the charity's cetacean surveying training programme. He still takes an active interest in ORCA's activities running survey training courses , leading whale watching trips and advising when asked. In August 2016 Stephen rejoined the ORCA Board of Trustees after a short break.

Hope to see you there.

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