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Next Meeting: 13th June 2017

Guest speaker: Paul Biggins MCS Southeast

Topic: At the June meeting we will be introducing the Natural history Museums Big Seaweed Search. Come along and find out how you can help monitor the effects of environmental change on Britain's sealife by exploring the seashore and recording the living seaweeds you find there.

The Big Seaweed Search first launched in 2009. Hundreds of people took part and the data gathered, alongside other research, show that the distribution of seaweeds around the UK is changing. 
Unfortunately, seaweeds are not as popular as flowers, butterflies or birds, so fewer people make and submit observations of them.

As a result, we know comparatively little about the abundance and distribution of seaweed species, and how this may change over time.

Understanding more about seaweeds is critical to protecting marine environments.

Hope to see you there.

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