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Marine Life Identification:  ***-*** July 2017 (Cancelled)

Have you ever wonder what on earth that "thing"  you saw in the sea or on a beach last weekend was, or even whether it was animal, vegetable or mineral?  Could you identify an Elephant Hide sponge, or differentiate between that and a Goosebump, Shredded Carrot  or breadcrumb sponge? Did you know that a crab can regenerate its limbs if it loses one in a fight and can even swap from being left to right-handed?

Our marine life identification Course can provide you with the answers to these and many other questions. The idea of the course is to provide a basic introduction to marine life, allowing both enough time for the class work and the diving without trying to be too intensive .

This course also qualifies as a  'Seasearch Specialist' courses.

The Saturday consists of classroom lectures from 9am to 1pm,  followed by a dive from 2pm to 4pm under Swanage pier to collect samples. After this you return to Leeson House to identify what you have collected, with this first session ending around 6pm.

Sunday consists of more classroom lectures, followed by a quiz and details on the work of the MCS. Everything wraps up around 1pm to allow people to go for another dive or start on the journey home. 

Read a review by Bracknell Sub-aqua club in their Autumn 2010 Newsletter page 12

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