Marine Ecology
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Marine life id

Marine ecology

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Marine Ecology:  Not available 2017

The aim of the course is to expand on the knowledge gained during the Marine Life ID course.

Marine Ecology is the scientific study of marine-life habitat, populations, and interactions among organisms and the surrounding environment including their abiotic (non-living physical and chemical factors that affect the ability of organisms to survive and reproduce) and biotic factors (living things or the materials that directly or indirectly affect an organism in its environment).

We hope to show how marine life in the UK is affected by its habitat and how the type of habitat will influence the variety of animals, fish and plants that will be found there.  

This course also qualifies as a  'Seasearch Specialist' courses.

The course structure follows the same layout as the

Sat 9am - 1pm letures


2pm - 4pm dive under the pier

5pm -6pm back to the classroom.

Sun 9am - 1pm lectures

2pm Second dive or depart

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marine life ID.

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